Nested Coffee Tables

Fresh out of the Upcycled and Reloved workshop, a set of two nested coffee tables.

These were made from old bookshelves, pallet wood and some of the struts from a stud wall.

The bookshelves were used for the table tops. The stud work for the legs and the pallet wood connected the legs and supported the tops.

A teak stain was applied and finished with a polyurethane varnish.

The set sold for £95.


I removed all the paint and gave the shelves a good sanding.  Then I glued two shelves together for each table. Once the glue had dried, I gave them a light sanding to remove any dried glue and then cut them to size.


I gave the legs a light sanding as I wanted to retain the product info stamped on each leg.  I cut the bottom of each leg creating a small angle.

I used pallet wood to connect the legs and support the tops. The decretive trim at the back of the main table came from the bookcase. I removed the paint, sanded and cut to size.


I applied three coats of teak stain to the tables and fortunately, the product code on the legs was still visible. Where the wood has some markings, dents, holes etc, that contribute to its story, I like to leave them visible.


Finally, I finished the table tops and the trim with three coats of polyurethane varnish. The legs and sides I finished with furniture wax.


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