How to make a Boot Planter

How to Make Flower Planters From Old Boots
Upcycled and reloved how to make a boot planter

Creating a planter form a pair of old boots is a fun and satisfying project. It is a cheap and simple way of brightening up any space.
I have made a video of how to make a boot planter. I have also added some instructions below as well.

This is my first attempt as making a video how to, so, any feedback would be gratefully appreciated in the spirit of continuous improvement.

Tools and Materials you need.

A pair or single boot
Potting soil
Small stones or gravel
Paint and brush(optional)

1. Painting your boots. This is an option depending on what you want to achieve.
upcycled and reloved chalky finish paint

2. Remove the insoles.

3. Drill three or four holes for drainage in the heal and souls. The holes should be be between 4 and 6mm. Theses are standard size drill bits. You don’t need specialised drill bits for this and any type will work. drilling holes in boots






4. Put a layer of gravel or a few small stones in first. This aids drainage and prevents the holes getting blocked by the soil.






5. Fill your boots almost to the top.
upcycled and reloved fill your boots







6. Make a hole in the soil slightly bigger than the plants roots. Place you plant in the hole, then fill with more soil and then fill the shoe/boot to the top with soil. Give your plant a good water and place in an appropriate place. Check on the plants label for the best position, shade or sunlight. Once sited, sit back and enjoy. Boot planter


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